Rumours about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 provide another set of information that are slightly different yet interesting than the earlier.


Earlier, the leaked specs could not satisfy the market as well as those who actually believed in it. Particular dismay was expressed from the chip side.

This time, let’s say, it’s not bad. The product is going to feature a powerful Snapdragon 820 running the system instead of the brand’s own Exynos 8890, which is certainly surprising.

The system is reported to be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Other features seem to be shared by S2 and S3, though certain undisclosed features might be showcased in the latter only.

Screenshot 31 2 Samsung to showcase Snapdragon 820 in Galaxy Tab 3   another set of rumours


Let’s see what is known about it.

–      Display 8-inch on TENAA (that is Chinese equivalent to the FCC)

–      Resolution 2048 x 1536p

–      Powered by Snapdragon 820

–      4 GB RAM

–      32 GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD

–      an 8-megapixel front camera

–      4,000 mAh battery

–      Variants: Two

We still have to wait for concrete information about the release date of the device.

Screenshot 32 2 Samsung to showcase Snapdragon 820 in Galaxy Tab 3   another set of rumours


Similarly, we have been guessing about the company’s plans to showcase multiple screens in the tablet, which is I believe not possible, owing to the battery capacity.

To say a word on the price, all what could be concluded is that LTE connectivity in the device could slightly raise the price tag.




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