It has been learned that Samsung’s press invites for the WMC 2017 have reached the concerned press members but not for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8; the company plans to introduce their Galaxy Tab S3 instead.

Yeah that’s right, Samsung has sent the invitations to press for the upcoming March 2017 Mobile World Congress but that’s also true that on the occasion, star of the show will be Galaxy Tab S3 and not the Galaxy S8.

As far as Galaxy S8 is concerned, reports coming from Korea suggest that its makers are thinking in terms of playing only a short video regarding their product. In other words, there’s a strong possibility of an unrelated launch then.

The video in question is believed to be a 1-minute-long clip and it’s all about highlighting some of the salient and important, new features including an edge-to-edge screen and Bixby; the Samsung’s going to be ‘digital assistant’ for the trademark of which, the company has reportedly applied since long.

Then again, the Korean tech-giant company has valid and apparent reasons behind delaying the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch a bit further and the biggest among them could be the infamous ‘Note 7 fiasco.’ A series of battery explosion incidents followed by a kind of ‘forced recall’ of their product certainly did not go in the company’s favor.

%name Samsung Sends Press Invites for 2017 MWC; Not for Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch
Image Via: money.cnn

Keeping in view, the company must be taking all the necessary measures to tie and overcome all the possible lose ends before hand; to save both the consumers’ trust and company’s own worth and repute. After all, Samsung lovers have already waited a long and it may sound good or bad; the last successful and groundbreaking product by Samsung was Galaxy 6, not Note 7.

And true Samsung Galaxy S8 fans can, still wait…

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