Whenever we compare the smartphones, we compare the multiple features and the specifications. The critical area of our comparison is about on design, software, apps, battery life, price, and performance. If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and the Apple iPhone 8, the Samsung kicks out the iPhone in the fast speed.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series is enabled with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, new 10nm octa-core processors and the Gigabit LTE, that makes the S8 series with more powerful than ever. The Apple iPhone missed all the attribute of the Gigabit LTE technology. We can say that the Samsung has the sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

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According to the techno buffalo report, the Apple iPhone 8 series will support the Intel and Qualcomm chips. You must know the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus already have the same technology of Intel and Qualcomm chips.

The Intel and Qualcomm chips are not much as strong the 10nm octa-core processors and the Gigabit LTE and that is the cause the Apple iPhone 8 is not much faster in the performance as the Samsung Galaxy S8 series.

iphone 8 concept 03 Samsung S8 the Gigabit LTE feature will kick out the iPhone 8

The S8 series users must know the Samsung released the Gigabit LTE in the latest flagships, is just for few selected regions. The user having the technology in the smartphone, but not supported in the regions cannot enjoy the fast speed. However, when the 5G technology will be launched in these areas you will enjoy the faster speed. From the expectations, soon the 5G technology will be released all over the world.

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Yet we have five months of the release of iPhone 8, We are not sure, there is the chance the Apple works with the latest technology of Gigabit LTE to give the faster speed and high performance. Let’s see what specifications and features will come to the iPhone 8. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!