Samsung is rolling out new updates for Samsung Internet Beta app for the better performance to its mid and low end smartphone devices. This time, users will enjoy a protected browsing and many tools for controlling these apps. The company says these all protected browsing will protect your device from dangerous websites over the internet.

If the app found any malicious browsing source, it will notify you to turn back the website. These websites can steal or damage your data. Keep in mind, these are the recommendations for you to avoid such browsing otherwise, you can go with it on your preference might be possible the information is wrong.

nexus2cee samsung internet beta 7 2 hero 728x410 Samsung rolled out Internet Beta updates that allow a user to protect the device from malicious websites

The Samsung internet Beta app also has a DuckDuckGo browser as a default search option. It will automatically protect your device and supports for the content blocking via built-in Tracking Blocker extension. It works as same as Google Chrome for protecting data. The app also supports password protected Tabs on your browser.

Moreover, Samsung Internet Beta app installation is easy over the Samsung smartphone devices. The Samsung users have to install content blockers directly from the app, it will work for your working default browser. While the other android device users can install the updates for Internet Beta apps by going with a link over the Play Store. The link over the Play Store will protect your device form such contents. According to the report,

Samsung Internet Beta features a few visual overhauls. The URL bar now allows for website-specific ambient badges. For example, navigating to Starbucks presents an “Add to home screen” icon, while browsing BBC News presents a “Reader mode” badge. When you enter Reader mode, you will find that HTTPS and HTTP websites are now available.

The only condition is your device must have 1GB of RAM or it should be a RAM-friendly device. So, if your device is eligible for it, go to the Play Store and update the new updates for Samsung Internet app. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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