It is reported that Samsung has reviewed the launch date and prices of its much awaited Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Galaxy S8 might be unveiled at MWC 2017 but not to be made public until March 29. Moreover, the prices might go higher compared to previous devices.

Screenshot 5 4 Samsung might review price tags and release dates for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus


So far officially known about the phone is its slick design, excellent rear camera and improved AI. Further details yet to be shared.

It is also rumored that the delay in bringing the phone to market is aimed at reviewing its price tags.  

Techtimes reports that the reviewed price of S8 would be around 849 euros or around $900 that is far beyond the previous ranges.

Apparently, the raise in price seems to be because of the larger display, 5.7 compared to S7’s 5.1. Further reports claim that S8 Plus might be $100 expensive than S8, as it is to showcase 6.3 inches AMOLED display.

We have been giving the leaked details time to time to set a comparative ground for the upcoming and previous brands.


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