‘Curved Screen’ in smartphones normally means a partially functional edge on one side of the phone or even a curved screen from both ends horizontally. But what a South Korean report about Samsung’s intentions claims is remarkable. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung is planning to launch its upcoming Galaxy flagship smartphone with all 4 sides curved. Yes! all 4 sides curved!

pic 404 Behold! Samsung is going to change your concept of Curved Screen altogether with its upcoming Galaxy Smartphone

Totally Bezel Free Smartphones Are The Thing Of Future

With the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 duo, the company entered into a new era of design contrary to its past. Samsung introduced the bezel-free front panel design with its iconic home button gone to ashes. This design opened up ways for newer infants with better features to come out and it looks like Samsung seems all prepared for that.

pic 405 Behold! Samsung is going to change your concept of Curved Screen altogether with its upcoming Galaxy Smartphone

According to ETNews, Samsung’s Display department is working in close relationship with LG Display to release a 4 sided curved display which will ensure that no bezels are left on the front as well on the sides of the smartphone. This will surely increase the screen-to-body ratio to a whole new level bringing us to the world of not only bigger sized phones but also the phones making full use of the room at the front. Even the recently released S8 is said to have a screen-to-body ratio of 83 percent.

Keeping The Lamination Process Intact

Samsung Display’s distinction, the lamination of the screen has to be kept intact at all costs so releasing a screen with 4 curved edges may take some time. The bezel-less smartphone is surely not hitting the shelves this year because the OLED panels of the screen have to go through the lamination process that introduces a protective layer to the screen. To make the corners usable and responsive to touch, Samsung might need some more time for R&D. This is the same challenge that compelled Apple to confine its screen technology to the same old flat OLED panel.

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This Could Be The Most Delicate Screen Ever

With more number percentage of glass panel exposed, more chances ae there that the screen could be shattered into pieces when dropped. So, Samsung also needs to work on the durability of their upcoming screen to keep the phone a realistic one.