Samsung Marshmallow the gaming app is now available on Samsung’s devices. Through the marshmallow games, there are some moments that discourage the kids for the extensive use of the mobile phones and games. The parents want to control their kids from the use of smartphones and playing the games. This app works like a parental control so that users avoid spending most of the times on the games.

The other parentals control gaming apps have the features of limiting the apps to install or to spend most of the time on the smart devices. Some of the apps didn’t allow you to delete or uninstall the app without your parent’s passwords.

Like the similar features, the Samsung Marshmallow also has the similar kind of features, but an additional feature is to add in the app. This feature allows you to win the maximum score under some limitations that are set by the parents. The users with the limited usage will get the extra points as a gift card to the games.

Along the parents’ limitations of the usage of the devices, the kids can also set their limits of playing the games or using the device. They will win the scores if they didn’t exceed the limits and they will loose the scores if they cross the limit of the usage. Users can get the gift card options from the Amazon, Best Buy and from the Google Play Store.

The gift cards can be used after the only on permission and access to the parents. The Marshmallow app is available on all devices for the Samsung. Users can also download it from the Google Play Store. You can share your thoughts about the app with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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