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Samsung Is Reportedly Working On Its 6nm Chip For The Year 2019

Samsung 6nm Chip

Samsung is said to start working on their 6nm chips for the year 2019, according to some industry sources. This means that Samsung won’t be paying much attention on their next year’s 7nm chip. Where the company would greatly reduce its investment for it. Aside from that Samsung is also planning to install in two new next generation lithography machines at the end of this year. While seven more will be added next year as well. Which is needed in order to be ready for the manufacturing of next gen chips in a more efficient way.

According to the sources Samsung have made this decision because of Qualcomm’s recent actions. Who instead of working with Samsung, have gone with TSMC for the manufacturing of their next generation 7nm chip. Currently Samsung and Qualcomm do work together for the manufacturing of Qualcomm 10nm based Snapdragon 835 chip. Though what Qualcomm is doing seems to be a strategic move against Samsung. As Samsung’s 7nm chip will suffer from this decision next year and might end up as an Exynos chip instead.

Qualcomm and TSMC will have an advantage over Samsung next year with their 7nm based Snapdragon chip. But that does not mean Samsung won’t have an advantage an year after that in 2019. As the company would then be ready to offer their 6nm manufacturing based chip. Which would be significantly better than that.

Generally a chip’s performance is based on the size of its semiconductors. The smaller its size the better the performance and overall efficiency. Though as competition is rising between chip manufacturing companies, others have also started getting involved. Where recently IBM also announced its upcoming chip based on the company’s new 5nm manufacturing processor.

Personally when it comes to Samsung made Exynos chip or Qualcomm designed Snapdragon chip. Both of them fair similarly when it comes to offering RAW performance.


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