A flying device from the future seems like becoming a part of our society in the near future as Samsung’s new patent will have hovering videos concept. Setting up the trend, these flying devices although being far away from reality for now, can make a new history in the future.

“Flying Display Device”

The flying device is said to roll out with a screen that can be a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. This will let users see the output result through an interactive screen. Also, the said device can take inputs from the users and display the outputs accordingly. The device will feature:

  • A vibration system
  • An obstacle detection unit
  • A camera and sensor
  • Motion and accelerometer sensors etc.

This will make it a complete package for interesting activities, such as hovering displays usable for a wide variety of tasks. Imagine how easy it would be if you watch a movie, with your hands free from holding the device. Also, marketing agencies can use it for advertising their business. The usage options are limitless.

Although this is just an inception, history can be made if this works out to be perfect for normal day conditions.

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