Samsung has a couple of handsets that operate on its Tizen working system and now rumor has it that the organization has Tizen 3.0 in progress.

As indicated by a report from SamMobile, the organization has a gadget named “Pride” in the pipeline, which will be the initial cell phone from Samsung to run on the imminent Tizen 3.0 OS. The reputed Samsung cell phone professedly bears the model number SM-Z250F and will purportedly advance toward nations which saw the entrance of the Samsung Z2, the third tizen-powered handset from the organization, which was supplied by Tizen 2.4 OS.

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What Is Tizen?

Tizen is a Linux-based OS operating on the Linux API. It bolsters an extensive variety of gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, an assortment of home appliances, and so forth. It intends to offer a smooth user encounter over different platforms and gadgets. It has been created by Samsung to conceivably diminish its reliance on Google’s Android ecosystem.

What Are Samsung’s Plans With Tizen?

Reports propose that Samsung will take after the same advertising strategies for the Pride as it had for the Samsung Z2. Aside from the model number being leaked, no other information is available on the handset as of now.

It is believed that Samsung means to promote Pride’s voice control component more than its hardware. The Tizen 3.0 OS offers bolster for these elements and, it will bode well for Samsung business wise to advertise the same.

11 tizen3 0osfeaturesannouncedwillsupport64bitprocessorandmore Samsung is about to release their first Tizen 3.0 OS powered phone dubbed Pride


What Else Operates On Tizen?

Samsung has the Z1, Z3 and as of late Z2 running on the Tizen OS. The Z2 was the primary device working on the Tizen OS to integrate a 4G network. A few smartwatches have been additionally powered by Tizen.

Samsung will be revealing a device at the MWC but it's not going to be the Galaxy S8

maxresdefault 26 Samsung is about to release their first Tizen 3.0 OS powered phone dubbed Pride



The exact date for the release of the Pride is unknown, but Samsung has made it crystal clear that it will release the Tizen 3.0 cell phone in developing markets like Bangladesh and Nigeria. India may likewise see the gadget advance toward the nation owing to its vast cell phone user base.

It is normal that the only European nation to profit by the SM-Z250F will be Russia. Samsung is supposedly not considering a U.S. release for the gadget upon its introduction, yet things may change nearer to the launch.