Smartwatch has been consider a next level ij wear able technology. CES 2017 has another excitement other than flagship of mobile phones.Wearable smart  watch has already been introduced by Fitbit and Microsoft watches well it also not new for Samsung ,it has been introduced few years back by the same company. The next level of smart watches advancement is the introduction  iOS support for the Gear S3 in August of 2015, Samsung has published apps for the Gear S2, Gear S3, and Gear Fit2 on the iOS App Store, making them compatible with the iPhone.

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Samsung Gear 3

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The Gear S3 smartwatch family is powered by

  • Dual-core 1.0 GHz processor driving
  • 1.3-inch circular 278 ppi AMOLED display,
  • With 4 GB of storage, and 768 MB of application RAM,
  • Connectivity is provided by Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11n wi-fi, and NFC.
  • The Gear S3 is large at 12.9mm thick,
  • Weighs 57g or 62g depending on model.
  • Samsung announced Gear S2 compatibility for the Gear S2 in January 2016.The Samsung Gear S app is a 61.7MB download, and requires iOS 9 or later. The Samsung Gear Fit app for the newer devices is 59MB, and also requires iOS 9.

Frontier and Classic.

“It is available in two bold models – the Gear S3 frontier, which takes inspiration from the active explorer with a rugged design, as well as the Gear S3 classic, featuring an elegant style with the balance found on luxury timepieces.”

Samsung’s Tizen is powered by android but Samsung does not launches it by itself.which is able to work with alongside of iOS.User need to download and install Samsung Gear S app for appropriate use of smart user would be directed to complete and use the smart watch.

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