Samsung will be exhibit some of its devices at the Mobile World Congress, As we have to further wait for Galaxy S8 the South Korean smartphone manufacturer will be exhibiting its first foldable device. A tablet that folds in half and can be transformed into a smartphone and a smartphone if needed can be converted in a tablet.
samsung launching foldable smartphones Samsung GALAXY X , The Foldable Smartphone Is Set to Showcase At MWC
However, the idea of the device seems to be in the future projection of Samsung. According to some latest report, it can be available in the market by the end of 2017 or first quarter of 2018. The Galaxy X is the provisional name of the foldable device. The concept of flexible devices seem delicate or it maybe the future pattern of electronic devices. and it can be considered as “Design of the future” as it offers high resistance to heat, remaining stable in a temperature. Ultimately its thinness, flexibility, and foldability make it an ideal material for obtaining the folding devices.
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According to ‘ETNews‘ Samsung Electronics will not reveal the foldable smartphone display to the public at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Only the invited customers and selected group oof interested people will be able to see the latest version of the foldable smartphone and foldable display in a private exhibition room (private room). It is a good idea to look at market responses and forecast demand in the future.

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