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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: More dressy, less sporty

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

It’s been a while since Samsung released its first Galaxy Watch. Well, since then, the smartwatch sector has hugely changed. Most companies are already including ECGs and oxygen saturation sensors to their wearables, and the features we once thought were something that will occur in the future are already here.

Currently, together with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup, Samsung company is also launching the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It’s powerful and lighter than the original and has additional health and safety features that will undoubtedly give the Apple Watch a tough competition.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has been designed for individuals who want both a smartwatch and a fitness companion. Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Samsung’s flagship smartwatch for 2020 and the successor to the 2017 Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Design

Image source: Daily Express

Samsung slimmed down the Galaxy Watch 3. It is 8% smaller, 14% thinner, and 15% lighter than the initial Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The physical bezel is beneficial and fun. Spinning the dial works effectively with both side buttons that make it a better option than swiping or poking at the circular display with your finger.

Image source: The Verge

Yet, the 1.7-ounce, 41mm Mystic Bronze model, when tested, looked bigger compared to Apple Watch 5. The bargain is that it seems more like a traditional watch rather than a high-tech one. So, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is absolutely a stylish accessory and can be worn for a lovely dinner or a date.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 possesses genuine leather straps that match the casing color and adds a higher aesthetic than the fitness-focused Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Performance

Image source: The Verge

Well, not only are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s diverse menus exceptionally customizable and filled with useful apps, but switching between apps feel keen.

Like the previous generations of Samsung smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 possesses a fast interface that is easy to swipe or scroll through rapidly.

Due to the bezel, navigation is spontaneous, and you can depend on it along with the dual buttons to get to wherever you want to go. On the other hand, motion gestures are also fantastic but can make you feel silly.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s T9 keyboard is highly dependable. However, typing on such a small screen may sound absurd, but you will appreciate the ability to send messages in cases when you can’t use talk to text.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fitness and Health Features

Image Source: Samsung

Exercise tracking and auto-detection

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can track almost 40 various exercises, from running to yoga to interval training. It can also auto-detect seven of them, the moment an exercise routine starts. It means you don’t have to select what exercise you are doing; Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 would do it for you.

Digital running coach

The watch can also serve as a digital running coach with real-time feedback on the pace and form and personalized post-workout reports.

VO2 max readings available on demand

With Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, you can access on-demand VO2 max readings. Wikipedia defines VO2 max as the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise. Either you’re training for a race or just trying to improve your endurance, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s VO2 support is ideal for measuring cardio fitness.

Sleep tracking algorithm

Having partnered with the National Sleep Foundation, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers some brilliant features. The watch automatically measures breathing, vitals, and REM cycles every night. It uses a five-figure algorithm to score the quality of the rest for the evening. And every morning, it will give a detailed report on sleep duration, quality, and consistency, and tips on how to improve your sleep.

Trip detection and custom SOS message

The watch has a trip detection feature that uses the accelerometer to automatically detect if anyone has tripped while running or fell while walking or slipped down the stairs. Once a trip is detected, there’s an option to send a custom SOS message.

Oxygen monitor coming

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can measure the amount of oxygen in the user’s blood, showcasing it in a percentage of up to 100%. Using the spO2 app, the user can leave notes and check trends over days, weeks, and months.

ECG and blood pressure tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also possesses ECG and blood pressure tracking powered by a small electrocardiograph and plethysmograph.

The ECG tracking is created to use the watch’s built-in electrodes that measure the heart rate and classify it as either normal or AFib. Samsung has designed an improved algorithm to help capture your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specs

Image Source: Mobile Syrup
Screen1.2 in or 1.4 in AMOLED (364 PPI)
Case size41 or 45 mm
Case thickness11.3 or 11.1 mm
Band sizeStandard 20 or 22 mm
Weight48.2 g or 53.8 g
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9110 dual-core 1.15 GHz
Storage8 GB
Operating systemTizen 5.5 (One UI 2)
Water resistance50 meters (5ATM)
SensorsBarometer, Gyro, HR sensor, Light sensor, Microphone, Speaker, NFC, GPS
ConnectivityBluetooth 5, WiFi, NFC


Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the most versatile, finest smartwatches of all the smartwatches developed by Samsung. It is stylish, comes with lots of smartwatch features, and also possesses new health sensors that make the watch extraordinarily fit. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 gives a traditional, sophisticated look and is suitable for everyday use. However, if you are looking for something that offers more of a sporty vibe, it is better you consider other options. 

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