Apparently, Samsung family is going to grow further as the South Korean multinational conglomerate is all set to introduce the successor of their Galaxy Tab S2; well the rumor makers claim so.

It is being said rather claimed that the company will dubbed the new Galaxy Tab as S3 and that lot of working on the product has already been done. If the claims are to be believed the New Galaxy Tab-S3 will now be appearing at the 2017 ‘Mobile World  Congress’ (M.W.C.), scheduled in February. The ‘alleged’ launching ceremony was previously rumored for 2017 IFA where the Galaxy Tab-S3 fans would enjoy its debut.

tab s2 mobile Samsung: Galaxy Tab S3 On its Way or Mere Rumors?

Reports suggest that one of the possible reasons behind the deferring of upcoming tablet’s launch could be Samsung’s own decision; to first deal with the unforced delay issue of Galaxy Note 7. But the speculations now are almost everywhere that there’s every possibility of an early debut of the proposed Galaxy Tab S3.

Now let’s talk about the source leaking the news about the new arrival as well as some of the (alleged) specs of the same. The news comes through Kenneth Lai, a Weibo user (Chinese Twitter-like-service provider) reveals that the new product comes with at least 4GB of RAM while the same is going to be powered by 7420 chipset, Samsung’s Exynos chipset.

If the claims of the said user are true, they deny the previous claims that it will be a ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon’ 820 chipset powering the S3 Tab. 

Then there is going to be UFS2.0 storage, claims the source , adding a ‘home-embedded’ fingerprint sensor is another feature, alongside a ‘USB Type-C’ port.

Reports about Samsung Galaxy S3’s having two variants are true, means there is nothing changed about that. A ‘LTE handset’ will be with SM-T825 model number while ‘Wi-Fi only’ handset model number will be SM-T820.

Tab S3: Rumored Specs

Earlier, Samsung Galaxy Tab-S3 was believed to sport AMOLED display (8-inch) with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution. New claims tell there’s still no idea about the internal storage; only 4GB RAM is being predicted. 32-GB ‘on-board’ storage is offered, claims the source and adds that microSD optional slot would help users enhance or expand the memory up to additional 128 GB.
To conclude, it is also unconfirmed yet whether tablet in question would be using Android 6.0 Marshmallow to run on. Therefore, the best advice is to ‘Wait and See.’


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