There so many report and specification circling around social and online marketing website about next expected release information of Galaxy S8. But all these report are not wholly true.

If we look closely there are few rumored specification most important is about removal of home button from the screen,AMOLD display ,larger battery and decrease of bezal at the bottom.There few other rumors about S8. Finally Samsung decided to released promotional videos about the possible rumors satisfaction.

S8Leak6 630x354 Samsung  Galaxy S8s has not haphazardly released videos

In promotional videos there have not been shown the exact model of the phone ,there are few months to wait until the phone will be tangible.But greatest misconception has been cleared about home button .

Of course video release is not just accidental as the company is not in the position to make unauthentic information about itself.As the market reputation has been badly effected after the release of Galaxy S7. These are some abstract well planed information leak from the company.The expected flagship is April 2017.

In China , LG has officially stopped selling phones.