There are consistent rumors about the hardware , software of and its new features Samsung S8. While after the huge market shock of Note 7 Samsung is working on prototype of the is also said Samsung always try to copy the design and features of Apple phones.Now at this point Samsung has intended to remove the navigation will introduce smart keys for left right and down navigation. it is expected that there will something very new at the table.

Samsung Galaxy S8 render KingWay Lee 2017 3 Samsung Galaxy S8s bold design also includes soft keys for 3D touch
navigation hardware ditched phone

Well, it seems that all that is going to be a thing of the past because these capacitive buttons would be  interchanged  with soft keys that would come  with 3D Touch-like functionality. This means is that you will give a good  pressure to a button or an icon, it would pop up additional functions specific to that app, giving you more flexibility and saving you a lot of time in the process.As in previous model it has been noticed that user repeat the process to go in setting several time but the new feature provides the facility to customized your required option.

galaxy s8 home button Samsung Galaxy S8s bold design also includes soft keys for 3D touch
S8 feature of soft navigation

Well, in recent rumor it seems that the removal of home button and additional soft keys will lead to greater home screen ratio.It is hoped very best for the Samsung it has introduced many new feature for example Naugat Beta,BIxby,screen transparency,back fingerprints.

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