S8 has been in rumors since long the most awaited update is removal of home button.Finally the mystery has been resolved in image that has been released on twitter in which front protector of S8 is without front bezal. This containing front glass cover for forthcoming S8.

As it reported android police that  covers were produced by a third party and the launched the design before it’s launch.

S8 front panel design:

This is a screen protector which gives a unclear picture.but the screen covers are designed with the mother design of phone.So if we made an educated guess about the physical features pf the phone. S8 will approximately have curved screen ,screen to body ratio would be larger than S7 and thin strip of bezal on upper and lower portion of the machine.So these estimated gives the powerful confirmation to the rumors that circling around marketing communities and potential customers.

Although the image uploaded is not responding to the quires about phone.but it is obvious that the Phone will be very near to the cover presentation.

galaxy note edge Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector confirms the phone is with no home button


Galaxy S8 rumors and release date :

In the Twitter image which suggests that it is near bezal less curved screen , Y_OCTA display ,a finger print scanner which testify the removal of home button, 3.5 mm headphone jack,Continuum-esque ecosystem, Bluetooth 5 ,Harman stereo speakers and 3D touch screen.

In the terms of power it has not been clear at yet it is delayed till the nest day.the term beast mode has been coined instead of power option.Well Samsung is interested to give a huge battery as well as very much wise about taking risk this time.Samsung has faced a turmoil of S7 blasts.

The battle of the two best Android smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel

images 15 Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector confirms the phone is with no home button

Well there are so many rumors about the release date of Samsung S8 but it is expected to release in late February 2017.As the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ,Spain .It is major of flagship that is held every year in Spain.But there still a rumor exist of release in April.
Anyhow the important to notice is that Samsung has to clear the position that S7 has hurt last year. Widely believed that Samsung will remove Battery  flaws that’s why they have released the term Beast mode.