With Samsung Galaxy S8 about to emerge on the horizons of tech-industry pretty soon, what should be the company’s prime focus – Competition Or Regaining Customers’ Trust the company lost over Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco last year? It looks that Samsung is doing whatever it possibly could; to shed the bad memories off customers‘ minds regarding this issue.

Last year, when the batteries of Galaxy Note 7 started to explode at an alarming rate, the company encountered two major issues; non-stop criticism and a forced recall. The 2017 Mobile World Congress is only a week away now (taking place on February 27), and speculations about Samsung’s flagship smartphone debut have geared up afresh.

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Image Source: Samsung had to discontinue its Note 7 phone after reports of overheating and explosions CREDIT: GETTY

The latest reports, however, suggest that although an announcement regarding the release date of Galaxy S8 is on its way in a few days now; the February debut of the device is still a far cry. If the claims of Korean sources are to be trusted, the Galaxy S8 enthusiasts will be offered only a 1-minute-long teaser clip at the MWC 2017 Barcelona Show. In other words, Samsung’s original plans of launching the device are further delayed, up to March at least.

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Coming back to the company’s efforts to avoid any further incident compromising Samsung’s reputation, it’s time for the management to choose between Competition Or Regaining Customers’ Trust. It shouldn’t thus be focusing on launching Galaxy S8 as Apple iPhone’s rival only; regaining the lost trust of annoyed customers is rather important.

To fulfill this promise, Samsung is not willing to compromise on the quality of Galaxy S8 batteries this time and therefore; one would hope there won’t be any battery exploding incidents anymore. To make the users forget the massive Galaxy Note7 battery scandal, Samsung is reportedly in talks with a third mobile battery manufacturer. Further, latest reports ensure that ongoing additional battery tests are one of the reasons behind Galaxy S8’s delayed launch.

Apparently, Samsung has done away with both Both Samsung SDI and Samsung ATL batteries, used in Note 7 and held responsible for causing spark and fire. New party tapped in is Sony though the rumor makers quoted LG’s name as well. Sony batteries are entirely different than SDI or ATL; certainly much more heat-resistant but labeled as less energy-sufficient at the same time.

To conclude, it looks that Samsung plans to use these batteries anyway though experimenting them in a ‘limited’ number of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus devices.



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