Last week, Samsung releases the estimated financial reports of the second quarter, the company revenue is impressive. The company earns a major portion of the Samsung Chips.

The company recovers all the financial loss from the Note 7 explosive batteries scandal. However, the company profit is going up from the previous yearThe company recorded the $12.1 billion profit for the second quarter.

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The sales of smartphone is not much impressive. Company release Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in this May, but unfortunately the sale of S8 series is slow, it may take time to reach the users. Surprisingly, most of the users preferred to buy Galaxy S7.

According to the report, Samsung Galaxy S8 sale following recorded by the The Korea Herald ,the report reveals that from the release date to now in this July, the S8 sales are going down. The smartphone sale is not as the users are appreciating the smartphone.

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While on the other hand, the sales following within two months of release, S7 sales were greater than the S8 series. Moreover, the S8 sales recorded within two months of launch is 10 million of units, and S7 recorded 12 million of units. S8 recorded the 20% fall in the units sold out of S7.

The analyst believes that the S8 is well accepted in reviewers and users, but the sales are declining. The one reason can be like Galaxy S7 the S8 fails to able place in a marketwhere the competition is much.

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Samsung is not recording the declining in the sales of the flagship, the similar kind of issue is also faced by Apple for the iPhone. The smartphone market situation is saturated due to the competition to win over the other smartphone manufacturers. One of the Samsung spokespersons states as:

“A Samsung official refused to compare the S8 and S7 directly,” the report reads in part, “saying that the S8 started selling in three key markets first unlike the S7 that sold globally immediately.”