Samsung has trade marked it upcoming flagship 2017 of new product S8  as ‘beast mode’.The reason  behind this mysterious name is some paper work which has been finalized with European Union and United States.It shows that Samsung has made some great great changes in technology of S8 handset.

There are  certain conclusion could be drawn from Samsung beast mode . Recent gossips on the technological advancement  of the Galaxy S8 suggest handset are that  Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip backed up by 8 GB of Ram.An increase in graphical display improvement ultimately it can be expected that the S8 being used as the basis of the next Gear VR system and definitely battery backup for S8,stereo speaker, handset jack, back finger print detector and  obviously more expensive than its predecessors.Samsung has been stuck  with the 5 megapixel front camera it is also a great deal to changed in beast mode.

img Samsung galaxy S8 mysterious beast mode    everything you need to know
expected S8

Although there is no official confirmation what beast mode actually is ,it may be about battery power saving mode and huge graphic display. To examine Samsung galaxy critically it is already enough beastly in its size and graphical display the only left option is battery failures of S7, after some improvement it is very much beast.There is huge room for improvement to outperform Apple/i Phones .There are so many area are needed to spent time to outperform Apple an international standard product.

un brevet intitule beast mode depose Samsung galaxy S8 mysterious beast mode    everything you need to know
Most needed front camera improvements.

In the end it is enough good news that Samsung is working on the weakness in Galaxy Note 7.It is also hoped that the coming article would be in tough competition in Apple phones.There are so many failure stories of S7 so, the main purpose of beast mode is to remove the smoke of past product and regain the market share they lost due to their  bad product, up till now its only a challenged ,hoped to be meet by Samsung.

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