Samsung’s improvement has always been at the increase.

Along with technical facilities, it now cares for your health as well. The company is upgrading its S Health service day by day to bring it in par with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Screenshot 7 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 cares for your health, see a doctor through S Health


It is reported that to enhance its “human concern”, the company is also taking help of Fitbit, Jawbone, Strava, and more. However, there is going to be a major ground shake entry from the service, which is reportedly would be launched as a feature in Galaxy S8.

Screenshot 8 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 cares for your health, see a doctor through S Health


As per received information, the company  is making links with WebMD, which is an online resource for inquiry about medical illnesses and their medication, and Amwell, an American online facility for making appointments with medical doctors, to add-up to the effectiveness of S Health app.

As mentioned, the app will now facilitate you to get an instant access to information about symptoms, diseases, and drugs through WebMD integration. Similarly, through Amwell, you will now be able to make video appointments with competent doctors round the clock, added by information about the nearby available pharmacy stores.

What exactly would the S Health app do for you?

As discussed, it can store all the details about every appointment you make; the symptoms, diagnosis and advices. Similarly, you have an option here to pay your doctor using a credit card and rate him as per your satisfaction.

Although much is rumored that the app will be a part of S8, there is still no formal information available anywhere. So let’s wait and see.

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