Samsung may or may not have streamlined their future plan(s) about their Galaxy S8 Debut yet but rumor factories are trying their best on leaking a news or two on the flagship smartphone every now and then. The latest rumors suggest that likely cost of upcoming device is $885 for it’s Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB Variant.

There seems to be quite a series of leaks regarding specs and expected features coming with Galaxy S8 flagship and now we’re given some ideas on the impending handsets’ pricing as well as storage option details. The nearer the release draws of the device, the clearer we are getting about almost everything relating to it.

%name Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB Variant Would Cost US$ 885; Suggest Newest Leaks

During the past week, an unknown person had revealed that 6 GB of RAM is guaranteed with the new Galaxy S8 alongside on-board 128 GB storage. The same person rather the same ‘leakster’ has come up with more claims and leaked information, suggesting the following:

  • Galaxy S8 release will take place in South Korea
  • Instead of 4 GB RAM, China is likely to get RAM of 6 GB
  • Asian consumers will be offered to either choose 64 GB option or go for 128 GB storage instead.

Taking it on Twitter, the leakster further reveals what we should better call ‘alleged pricing’ for the upcoming smartphones and according to that, Samsung Galaxy S8 Price could well be CNY 6088 ($885, approximately) respectively for the Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB Variant. The cost of 128 GB version on the other hand will be CNY 6488 or US$943.

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If the claims of the leakster are to be believed, Samsung engineers have equipped the Galaxy S8 with Dual ADC support, making the camera result better and offering much improved color depth.