Unlike any other phone Samsung Galaxy has decided to burst anytime or every where. There  is no obvious reason why Samsung is not removing its weakness for a good sake.Air travel is not traditional way of traveling that’s why its required thousand more precaution then any other medium,on many different occasion phone battery has created many problems but problem in landing is among possible troubles created at mass level.It need much safety measure to fly,while landing everyone needed to be conscious than before.If you are mobile user particularly Galaxy S7 user u have to be more aware.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes Samsung  Galaxy Note S7 is once again a human freindly dvice no need to be ware  while  landing,walking ,jogging,doing your work
Damage due to battery exploded


Possible damage to the market position of company

On international level there have been noticed many Galaxy Note 7 related incident that was very dangerous in nature.It has been reported that about 85% of the mobile phones been came back to the company while remaining 15% are under conflicted situation.These incidents has significantly effected market position of Samsung company.It has demanded many question to be answered.It also shown that the research and development department id very weak,or the security of user is not the agenda of table talk to the company.

Reasons of battery explosions :

The actual source of these blast is lithium batteries ,used to store more power less and compact space.These lithium batteries consist of three main composing units cathode anode and lithium electrolyte.In manufacturing these cathode and anodes are separated by a thin plastic sheet.When battery comes into use with the passage of time the plastic gets thinner and thinner that ultimately create short circuit and causes rupture of battery that is also very harmful for the external environment.On the base of this scientific evidence it can be concluded that device can never be safe it can explode at time when the plastic wrapping get thinner.

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bb Samsung  Galaxy Note S7 is once again a human freindly dvice no need to be ware  while  landing,walking ,jogging,doing your work
Lithium battery used in Galaxy Note 7


Samsung recalled the product and made possible improvement for secure use,there is still an room for improvement.

After  few weeks of launch number of incidents has been reported.According to Mashable reports company has internally decided to investigate the possible reason of Samsung Note 7 explodes.Samsung recalled all its product made possible changes .now it may cover lost market share. Resultant disaster varies in number it may cause fire,disturb WiFi connections,trouble in landing of planes ,causes skin burning.