According to previous rumors the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was just around the corner. Where the smartphone was rumored to launch in the month of August. Well now we have further information regarding the launch of the smartphone. Which according to Bell’s report will on the 23rd of August. While other reports are only sticking to the launch month. Which would be in August at the upcoming IFA event.

Galaxy Note 8 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Reported To Get Launched On August 23 At IFA

Even though we don’t have the concrete launch date. But till now a lot of reports are confirming. That the launch month for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 would be August, 2017. So I guess it’s now safe to assume that we will see the next Galaxy Note smartphone in the next month. Aside from that the smartphone is also said to be equipped with same display size, found on the Galaxy S8+. Which is at 6.2 inches, while offering the same 18:9 aspect ratio as well.

Other specs also include a dual camera setup on the back of the smartphone. Where the smartphone will be equipped with dual 12MP sensors. There will also be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 running under the hood. Which will be coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of on-board storage. Hopefully with expandable storage via microSD card slot. The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is also said to be one of the most expansive smartphone that Samsung will be offering this year. Which according to Blass is reported to be over $900 in the US.

note 8 concept 720x373 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Reported To Get Launched On August 23 At IFA

Aside from Samsung, LG will also be launching their flagship smartphone named the LG V30. Which will also come with the same FullVision display that the LG G6 offers. Looks like the month of August will be a start for many great tech offerings. From a lot of different companies including Samsung and LG to start with at IFA.

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