Samsung appears to be on a roller coaster when one talks about Galaxy Note 7.

The explosion followed by general public distrust drove the company to set an investigation. Although numerous reports are in air but let’s wait for the results that are soon to be aired.

After a thorough analysis by various agencies that examined the factor from all perspectives, the following conclusions can be drawn.

Screenshot 25 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy and delayed S8   new updates


Note 7 Findings

  • Battery exploded due to flawed battery design
  • a welding error in the separator that kept the chemicals apart
  • even the separator wasn’t availale sometimes
  • the company chose not to make its battery suppliers public
  • finally, Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology stood responsible for the faulty batteries.


Updates on S8

Screenshot 26 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy and delayed S8   new updates


 Price EUR 849 (roughly Rs. 61,700)

 Display  5.5-inch 4K (2160×3840 pixels) Super AMOLED display

Variants  Two: 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch.

No home Button

Fingerprint scanner

Virtual assistant

Processor Snapdragon 835 SoC from Qualcomm

RAM 6GB of RAM or an 8GB of RAM.

Storage 256GB storage variant

Camera dual camera setup  16 (back) x 8-megapixel lens

Audio jack  3.5mm-headphone-to-USB Type-C adapter

Heat pipe cooling system


Delay in release

 Reports say Febrauary might be the probable date after delay due to the Note 7 pending issue

  • MWC 2017 is expected to display it
  • Official details yet to reveal


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  1. […] Evan Blass has shed some light on the release on Samsung Note 8 in about to release in its tweet. In his tweet, he referred a smartphone with the model SM-N950 because the note series has used the N9xx series now it would be changed to Galaxy Note 8 series. Previously the note 8 would be released in August 2017 but now it may be delayed to make more quality test. The company is very much caring about the release of new as fault free like note 7 debacle. […]