It seems like Dual cameras are making their place in the Samsung family as the rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy C10 will have a dual camera setup mounted at the back. Previously, we heard about the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo getting the setup but God knows why Samsung ditched the plan. Now, a Chinese forum released a back picture of the Galaxy C10 which clearly shows a dual-camera setup in it. If the rumors are true, we might witness the South Korean tech giants entering into the era of this advanced camera setup.

pic 222 Samsung Galaxy C10 will come with a Dual Camera setup   A freshly leaked picture tells the inside story

Weibo Leaks

The picture was leaked on the famous Chinese forum, Weibo which tells that one of the upcoming colors of this phone is the Rose color. Unfortunately, the post didn’t contain anything else than the picture which only shows the smooth back of the smartphone. Also, if you clearly look at the picture, you’ll see the power button on the right side of the phone.

Other Camera Features

In addition to the dual camera, a dual-LED flash is also seen in the image which can be the key to a great photography experience with this phone. The capacity of the camera is said to be 12 MP with the wide-angle CIS support. Also, you can enjoy the 3X optical zoom which comes with dual 6P lenses.

When Is Samsung Galaxy C10 Coming Out?

The question is arising in many of the minds but the reality is that very less is known through the authentic sources about this smartphone. Though there are many other reports showing exceptional feature details about this phone but those forums are not credible enough so we’ll stick to the dual camera and dual flash setup only which easily visible in the freshly leaked picture.

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