Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Without a doubt, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the culmination of all the knowledge Samsung has gained about the production of truly wireless earbuds. Everything you need in wireless buds is embedded in it, aside from the inflated price tag. It has every feature (Active noise cancellation, Wireless charging, Water-resistance) you desire in a pair of incredible wireless earbuds. 

Samsung already thought of every feature that might come to your mind, and indeed, they didn’t leave any stone unturned in ensuring that they added it in its new Galaxy Buds Pro. Unluckily, as it does perform excellently well, it doesn’t quite do better in any specific aspect. And it is also not affordable, costing above $300 when lots of its counterparts cost below that price.

Galaxy Buds Pro Design 

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To make sure people have a comfortable fit, Samsung went with a low-profile, ergonomic design. Its designs decrease the ear and the bud’s contact area to reduce the clogged-up feeling that most users may experience. It’s certainly something we didn’t specifically like about the Galaxy Buds or Buds+ f; wearing them for long periods makes one feel uncomfortable.

The small design transformation Samsung made in the Galaxy Bud Pro design does make a significant difference. They don’t extend out of the ear that much and feel explicitly more comfortable to wear for a long time. Although, this comfortability didn’t come at the price of a secure fit. The Galaxy Buds Pro fit safely in the ear canal, and they stay firmly in the ear even during rigorous workouts.

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The subtle, understated design isn’t as attractive as the Galaxy Buds Live, but Samsung has included some glossy elements to the shell to make them look prettier and unique. 

The touch panels on the earbuds are regularly sensitive, so accidental touches are inevitable. This has been the problem with other previous Galaxy Buds. As frustrating as it may be, the touchpad is significant. It enables you to control playback, skip tracks, launch Bixby, increase/decrease volume, and do much more with only taps and gestures. They can be customized through the Galaxy Wearable app, enabling you to lock the touchpads if you want.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is durable. They possess an IPX7 rating, which is undoubtedly the highest water resistance standard among other Galaxy Buds series products. So that you can confidently use them in any weather conditions, and even the sweats from rigorous workouts can’t spoil them.

Galaxy Buds Pro Fit 

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Regarding the design, there isn’t any complaint. The quality of the build-up is somewhat firm, and the earbuds are wonderfully put together. The Galaxy Bud Pro has a slimmer design that offers a comfortable fit. The good news is that it doesn’t bring any distress whenever used for a long time. And this comfortability is essentially what most users are majorly concerned about whenever they want to buy earbuds. The Galaxy Buds Pro aced that aspect.

The Buds Pro earbuds’ design is relatively similar in design to Galaxy Buds Plus and the sport traditional rubber ear tips, so they should fit properly in most users’ ears. Also, Samsung has added three different sizes (small, medium, and large) of ear tips you can select from. The external touch-sensitive part of the earbuds is made from glossy plastic, while the rest of the Galaxy Bud Pro is matte plastic.

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The Galaxy Buds Pro case is somewhat similar to the Galaxy Buds Live case, except for the overall matte design of the Bud Pro, which makes it feel great to touch. It has smooth curves and opens like a wedding ring case. To charge it, it has a USB Type-C port at the back. The Galaxy Buds Pro case isn’t too heavy or too light, making it very comfortable to carry around. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes in three different colors (Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, Phantom Black) that properly fits the new Galaxy S21+.

Galaxy Buds Pro Audio Quality 

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Samsung paid lots of attention to improving the sound quality of its latest earbuds. It possesses a two-way speaker that includes an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter. The two-way speakers Samsung used in the Galaxy Buds Pro production sounds much better than its former earbuds. Undoubtedly, they offer a pleasant and enjoyable listening experience. They create a nice soundstage with clear treble and unusually vigorous and well-balanced bass. The results of these small earbuds are quite superb.

There are a series of EQ settings to select from if you desire to modify the sound. Summarily there’s value in Samsung’s claims. It isn’t easy competing with more high-end options from the other counterparts such as Sony and Bose. Still, the Galaxy Buds Pro does provide an incredible and enjoyable listening experience.

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Samsung’s massive two-way speakers increase the intensity of bass and clear mids. And though the audio is significantly increased on Galaxy smartphones, due to the brand’s proprietary Scalable Codec, you can still enjoy lively music on non-Samsung devices irrespective of the slight loss in quality.


If you desire or must have the most recent and most significant, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a great purchase to make. They certainly don’t interrupt the field of truly wireless earbuds. Still, they keep lots of the Galaxy Buds features while making significant enhancements to the battery life and microphone. People who regularly hunt for new music will be excited to realize how comfortable it is to access Spotify directly. If these things don’t appeal to you, then the previous year’s Galaxy Buds will serve you just as well.

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