Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Note 8 before the release of iPhone 8. Samsung Electronics and Apple launched smartphones in rivalry. Samsung launched each of smartphone to win the competition over the smartphone industry, but the sales of iPhone show the result inversely. The Samsung Galaxy smartphone has no more impact on the sales of the iPhone.

According to the report, Canaccord Genuity’s analyst TMichael Walkley states the iPhone seen the constant sales over the year. The company earns from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the sales ration increase in this June after the release of Galaxy S8.

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However, many of the analyst were expecting to decline the sales of iPhone 7 after the release of Galaxy S8. Apple is earning major of the chunk from the sale of the iPhone, although the iPhone has old dated design, but liked more than the other smartphone. The company is expected to earn more from the launch of iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 is expecting to come with a new design and OLED display. Samsung Electronics is manufacturing the OLED display for its main rival the Apple iPhone in the smartphone industry. The analyst says about the iPhone as:

“At a minimum, we expect the new iPhone to include an OLED screen (produced by Samsung initially with potential second sourcing in 2018 from Japan Display, Sharp, and AU Optronics) with very high screen to body ratio, the elimination of the home button, fast or accelerated charging, improved stereo speakers, fewer color SKUs, 64GB and 256GB memory options, and possibly improved water resistance. We also anticipate 3D sensing technology for facial recognition, wireless charging and a full glass body design.”

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The iPhone 8 is expected to have feature of 3D facial recognition that is the biometric authentication. Samsung Galaxy S8 also has the facial recognition system. iPhone rival Samsung has no major impacts on the sales of its smartphone, while Google has sufficient customers to win the competition over the iPhone due to the limited availability and marketing tactics.

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