Samsung just made a pretty exciting announcement regarding what their upcoming smartphones would be like. As according to Samsung mobile executive, Koh Dong-jin, the company will be launching its first foldable display smartphone next year. It’s been sometime since we last saw a working concept of it back at CES 2011. Where Samsung introduced its first flexible AMOLED display technology, carrying a 4.5 inch display.

Foldable display Samsung Expected To launch Smartphones With Foldable Display Technology By 2018

Display technology sure is getting thin and flexible as we proceed into the future. Where currently we have paper thin display technology such as the Wallpaper TV from LG. Which does show how far we have come and what we have achieved. Even though the flexible display was an exciting concept from Samsung back in 2011. We still haven’t seen an actual working prototype of the concept. That has the potential to get folded. While certain analyst also said, that it won’t be an easy task to produce such a device on a mass scale. But when it comes to Samsung, the company did amaze us with its recent Galaxy and Note lineup. And we have no doubt Samsung will certainly amaze us next year as well with its first foldable display smartphone.

Aside from that the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also getting a lot of attention. Which wasn’t expected from Samsung after its Note 7 disaster. But it looks like Samsung fans are still as excited for a new Note smartphone as they were back then. Where only the pre-orders on the Samsung Note 8 alone are running at record levels. This includes the South Korean market with a total of 650,000 Samsung Note 8 units reserved. That being said the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not a cheap smartphone as well, with a price tag of $1000.

Samsung might review price tags and release dates for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

samsung foldable screen Samsung Expected To launch Smartphones With Foldable Display Technology By 2018

What do you think about the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8, will the smartphone have the same demand in US as well?