chromeos 670x376 Samsung Chrome book Confirmed To Get Android Nougat Integration for the sake of multi tasking

Chrome Unboxed has shared few photos of a pre-release adaptation of Chrome OS portraying Android 7.1 mix. For the record, Android combination on current Chromebooks depends on Marshmallow, Nougat’s antecedent, yet the way things are, the integration woefully needs fundamental components. Nougat could rectify that.

If the screenshots drift near what clients will really be getting, there’s surely something noteworthy: multi-window bolster for Chromebooks. That implies clients will have the capacity to see applications next to each other in splitscreen mode. In any case, more imperatively, the screenshots propose that Android applications will keep running with their individual windows, rather than being shown as a copied portable rendition of the application. This streamlined Android joining bodes well, given that it would be additionally fitting for Android applications to change shape with a specific end goal to perform locally on Chrome OS.

Another change is that these applications will keep on running notwithstanding when not in concentrate, so clients may move to another application with no dread of the foundation application stopping its procedure.

These upgrades all in all spell an enhanced desktop participation for Chrome OS later on, yet don’t get excited yet. According to Chrome Unboxed, the variant of Chrome OS caught on the arrangement of screenshots are still buggy at present, which is adequate, since the upgrades are real step ups from the present rendition of Chrome OS. Expect due scope as the new form grows additional time.

Google Chromebooks:

Chromebooks are laptops running Google’s Chrome OS platform. They lack several features found on traditional laptops, but are cheaper and more dead-simple to use for users who don’t really need power-hungry workstations. While Chromebooks support all Google-branded apps — Gmail, Drive, Docs, Photos and a laundry list of others — it’s also slated to support Microsoft Office apps, which for some users could be all they need. Chromebooks present an alluring balance between productivity and simplicity, which is probably why its outselling Macs.

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