Total quality management has always been the first focus of all market giant. Because this is the key competitive edge to a company for sustainability in the market.It is also an earth shaking reality that mistakes can be happen at any point of time.Similarly Samsung S7 battery blunder has been proved a greatest mistake in the  history of Samsung.In returned company has faced loss of billion of dollar in the form of lagging market growth and product recall and its recovery.



Chief executive Kwon Oh-hyun of Samsung told employees on annual meeting of South Korean giant digital companies that the growth pattern of Samsung has been declined due to it’s faulty product and change in economical and political policies.He also added that:

541936942 Samsung CEO warns employees about quality assurance after lagging growth due to S7 debacle
Kwon Oh-hyun-chief executive of Samsung

“After the expensive lesson learned last year, let us make all necessary reforms. First, we will maintain the basics of product competitiveness. Quality has been the cornerstone of our success that we must not compromise. We will restore top quality standards through improved processes and strengthened testing,” Kwon said.

Well , blunder could happened at any time but for S8 Samsung is  working prototype of the product and ready to introduced some first line feature in the upcoming phone.

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