16 5 Samsung and Intel unite together to backup FTC suit against Qualcomm

Qualcomm are being sued by both Apple and the FTC as of course the FTC are backing up Apple’s claims which basically come down to the companies at Qualcomm reportedly using a no license, no chip strategy in which any company that uses their rival products are forced to pay a “Tax”.

Qualcomm has counter-sued to Apple’s accusations but it seems the pain doesn’t stop there for this particular company as to more juggernauts in the technology space have joined in and have filed briefs supporting the FTC lawsuit and these are non other than Intel and Samsung.

8 30 Samsung and Intel unite together to backup FTC suit against Qualcomm
3d illustration of a glowing blue Qualcomm logo sitting on top of a glossy microchip

Basically they are saying that Qualcomm is trying to manapulize it by using it’s dominant position in the mobile processor market. And Samsung have said specifically that “Qualcomm is the main reason behind the Exynos Chips not being made available to other companies.

It’s not looking good for Qualcomm as we now have Apple, the FTC, Intel and Samsung all joining together to smack this company down and teach them a very interesting lesson. If indeed their accusations prove true it could be quite big for the mobile gaming industry as of course they are fined heavily and undoubtedly they will no longer be in the position to force other companies into this position and we might see someone else take the top spots when it comes to mobile processors.

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