After the launch of its upcoming flagship device, Samsung will be moving on with the manufacturing of 7nm chips. With that said the Korean giant also just released a press release, confirming that the company is once again joining hands with Qualcomm to manufacture 7nm chips.

Qualcomm also recently announced its upcoming 7nm SOC called  the Snapdragon 855. That along with faster performance and efficiency, will also bring next generation X24 modem to the table as well. The X24 modem is capable of achieving 2Gbps download speeds on a 5G network.

q1 Samsung To Also Support The New 5G Modem From Qualcomm By Joining Teams

Qualcomm was also rumored to be leaving Samsung’s side for the manufacturing of its 7nm SOC. Where Qualcomm was expected to be working with TSMC. But it looks like Qualcomm is in favor of Samsung’s advanced EUV lithography manufacturing, compared to optical one used by TSMC. Though TSMC will still be manufacturing their own 7nm chips. But designed for Apple, rather than Qualcomm. Where Apple will be designing its 7nm A12 chipset, to be used on the next iPhone devices.

Aside from that Qualcomm and Samsung working together would also mean, Samsung having exclusive rights to the new chip. Meaning that the Galaxy S10 would be the first phone to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Qualcomm also made a statement saying “We are excited to lead the 5G mobile industry together with Samsung. Using 7nm LPP EUV, our new generation of Snapdragon 5G mobile chipsets will take advantage of the process improvements and advanced chip design to improve the user experience of future devices”.

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QualcommX50 Samsung To Also Support The New 5G Modem From Qualcomm By Joining Teams

So what kind of benefits would we get by shifting to a smaller node like 7nm ? Well moving to a 7nm manufacturing process, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will provide 10% improvement in performance, by consuming 35% less power. This would result in a flagship device that would not only perform well, but will also require less power while doing so.