South Korean giant Samsung is taking over Innoetics, the company agrees to buy the small firm specialize in the text to speech startup. Samsung is working for the smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company connects Bixby to the smart speaker. Samsung is improving Bixby over voice technologies.

According to the report, Samsung Electronics acquires 100 percent of all shares of Greek company specialized in voice technologies. However the deal is not disclosed by both of them, Samsung pays near about $ 50 million for innoetics. Moreover, Greek company agrees to work with Samsung, seven of Greek company employees are now working for the Samsung.

image 2 Samsung acquired small Greek firm specialize in text to speech startup Innoetics

The Greek company Innoetics was established in 2006. The company initially started its operations as a spin off data of the Institute of Language & Speech Processing at the Athena Research Center. The company has a key position in voice to speech services in different language technologies. Emilios Halamandaris, the head and now former owner of Innoetics said:

“Our technology stands out due to its high performance in accuracy, intelligibility, expressivity and naturalness. The team has amazing foundational technology in text-to-speech”

Moreover, initiates’ have ability to work for the many different applications. The company have the greatest job in mobile applications, games, different educational apps. The company is doing well over the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. According to the report, Samsung’s spokesperson says:

“Samsung is always exploring ways to deepen our relationships with companies like Innoetics whose technologies present an opportunity to strengthen Samsung’s capabilities.”

The South Korean tech giant has best move for the text to speech technologies. The company promised to launch Bixby for the Samsung Galaxy S8 series. But the Bixby support only Korean, the only one language. The company may now offer more or less 19 language support for its Bixby app and for the smart speakers to do for the users.

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