In this day and age technology is rapidly changing, with improvements being done to the existing technology as well as coming up new and improved technology. We all know about 2G, 3G and 4G and are aware of the improvements they provide. But what about the next step, what about 5G?

Samsung have been working on it and they have finally completed the development of (RFIC) known as Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit. This will be used in the current base station as well as any future radio stations that are to come according to the company. Now what is the benefit of 5G? Well according the tech giant Samsung, 5G would be able to achieve speeds of up to 20 GB per second and users would be able to use this technology as soon as 2018.

According to Samsung their new RFIC would be able to enhance the efficiency of their stations and not just that. The company also said they have focused on making it cheap as well for other adopters to join in. High data transfer is not the only benefit to RFIC. It also uses less power and is able to cover a wider area.

Executive President named Kyungwhoon Cheun said that ”we have been hard at work for several years on the various foundation technologies that go into the 5G RFIC. We’re excited to finally bring all the pieces together and announce this important milestone on the path to commercial 5G. This will have a big role to play in the upcoming connectivity revolution.”

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Samsung’s RFIC will be using a 28GHz mmWave spectrum band which as we said before will cover a wider range of area also reducing phase noise in the spectrum that it operates in. What this means is that radio channels will appear clear even in areas which would have a noisy radio station.

US, Korea and Japan would be the early adopters of 5G RFIC till the year 2018.