According to the report, Inc announced to invest a $50 million in the development of the artificial intelligence and plans to have programmed AI employees of the organization.

The company makes solutions for the enterprises and help them to market and as well as track the customer activity. The company aims to do all of the functions by Artificial intelligence based employees to enhance the efficiency. The company is using to ‘Einstein’ technology that is used in the automation and data-driven features of the robotics technology.

shield platform Salesforce is continuously investing in the Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand side, have you noticed, the sales of the business boost up the revenue for the company in its recent quarter. The company has to work more to win the competition as the Oracle Group and Microsoft Corp have deep roots in the AI industry.  John Somorjai, executive vice president of Salesforce Ventures states as:

“There’s a tremendous surge in companies who are providing unique AI innovations, We want more of those companies to do these innovations on Salesforce’s platform. What we’re doing with this fund is really doubling down on that commitment to bring more AI-centric solutions to our customers.”

According to the report, the research firm CB Insights as it is stated:

Venture capital investment in AI startups is rising quickly. For 2017, global financing for AI startups is projected to surpass $10.8 billion (roughly Rs. 69,484 crores) – nearly double the $5.6 billion (roughly Rs. 36,029 crores) spent in 2016.

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