Looks like the new iPhone X from Apple isn’t what we hoped it to be. Sure the phone offers a new design and beefy specs, but when it comes to demand the iPhone X from Apple isn’t getting a lot of it. Where Apple was only able to sold around 30 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017. That is expected to drop down even more the next year.

According to some sources the demand of the Apple iPhone X is not strong in big markets. Which mainly includes Taiwan, US and Singapore. This also does not look good for Apple because the company is heavily invested in their new phone. Where the markup isn’t as high as Apple expected it to be.

DSCF9483 1024x683 Sales Of The Apple iPhone X Are Even Lower Than What Was Expected

Due to this poor sales performance Apple is also expected to bring more options to the market next year. Where the company is planning to launch three new iPhone models just like the iPhone X. Among which one will be using an LCD display. While the other two will use the same OLED display from Samsung. These new iPhone models will also be priced lower compared to the current iPhone X. Something that might make going to the new design more attractive.

An iPhone Xc concept was also just introduced. Which feature a phone with an edge to edge display just like the iPhone X, but is made with cheaper materials. Just like we saw on the iPhone 5c, a smartphone that was sold with a lower price by using plastic instead of metal. The iPhone Xc concept is exactly the same featuring the same dual camera design just like on the original phone. Which can also be equipped with a larger battery just like we saw on the iPhone 5c.

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iphone x back held Sales Of The Apple iPhone X Are Even Lower Than What Was Expected

Whether Apple is able to save the sales performance of iPhone X or not. The general user is getting more aware now, as the market have much more to offer for less. Which Apple lacks in both technology and pricing.