CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has just warned us about the researchers being feared for long enough as he said that the human race is at risk at the moment and may be treated as like house pets, around the world Artificial intelligence becomes widely used. The only way to prevent it as by him is to implant some sort of technology into our brains. Well you must be surprised right?

It is Not An ordinary Lace, Its Neural Lace my friend.

As per Musk, the ‘neural trim’ idea could help us accomplish this by going about as a remote mind PC interface that can expand regular knowledge. As indicated by what Musk said at a gathering on Wednesday, the innovation idea of neural ribbon could work ‘well and cooperatively’ with the human body. “I don’t love being a house feline, however what’s the arrangement? I think one about the arrangements that appear to be possibly the best is to include an AI layer,” Musk said. He additionally included, “Something I believe will be very essential, I don’t know about an organization that is chipping away at it genuinely, is a neural ribbon.” Indeed, a large number of you will ponder this neural ribbon is about? All things considered, this “trim” isn’t an embellishment, that is without a doubt. The term, neural ribbon was initially begat by the writer Iain M. Banks. He utilized this term to depict a cutting edge work that connected itself to the cerebrum and reconstructed the neurons inside. All things considered, don’t be baffled. It might be a thing from sci-fi, yet it really has a base in “genuine” science.

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The Future and the Real Science

A paper discusses a comparative idea. It was distributed in 2015 in ‘Nature Technology’ where it discussed an adaptable circuit which was infused into the brains of live mice. This circuit then interfaced with the neurons. As per Charles Lieber, an analyst at Harvard University and co-creator of the review, “We’re attempting to obscure the refinement between electronic circuits and neural circuits. We need to stroll before we can run, however we want to truly upset our capacity to interface with the cerebrum.” well it may seem as the world is taking another turn of event in technology. We should sit back and watch what happens next.