The galaxy S9 could be the last Samsung phone to feature the iconic s-series brands.

Wow! The Galaxy s9 is launching and we are just few few weeks far from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy s9 at MWC in Barcelona , and as we’ve seen from rumors and leaks, the phone will be a minor upgrade over the already great Galaxy S8. This would lead us to believe that 2019`s Galaxy S10 will be much more exciting device and a new report suggest that Samsung would be a memorial of S- series branding.


galaxy s8 black table food 300x225 The S series branding in 2019 may ditch by Samsung.

According to GizChina, the Galaxy S9 will be Samsung’s last phone in the S-series before moving on to something different. Since 2010 Samsung using the S naming scheme with the original Galaxy S. and from next year Samsung is going to release the other flagship tenth series of Galaxy, the company will reportedly ditch the Galaxy S10 name in favor of Galaxy X – not unlike what Apple did with the iPhone X last year.

The company said that doing to change the name from galaxy S10 to Galaxy X is just to reduce the clunky of naming schemes such as S16 & S17. ), but this does create for some confusion considering that Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been rumored as the Galaxy X for quite some time now.

If Samsung does stick with the X branding for its primary and foldable phones, we could see something along the lines of the Galaxy X, Galaxy X Plus, and Galaxy X Foldable. Then again, Samsung could also name its foldable phone something entirely different and reserve the X branding for its primary releases instead. It’s too early to say for certain but even so, it will be something to keep an eye on as we go throughout the year.

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what do you think about Samsung possibly retiring the S-series brand in favor of something different?