The latest rumor about Samsung galaxy S8 is additional feature of stylus pen that added to new coming phone.It is expected that the phone will more competitive in the sense of additional features. Samobiles is testing prototype of phone including many functions , battery , display, graphics advancement ,Naugat Beta, Bixby, Front and rear camera ,back finger print detector, etc.

Galaxy Note 8 Does S Pen Stylus accessory of S8 make any sense
Galaxy Note 8 with stylus

In recent year Galaxy has evolved significantly in Note and S phones.It has covered huge market space with its key feature like aesthetic designs ,advanced display, lock screen transparency, memory and its affordable price .Galaxy S7 has been the greatest blunder of the year and also harmful for the market position of Samsung.In recent updates company has claimed that 85 % of the mobile  has  been recovered of recalled Note S7.

kk Does S Pen Stylus accessory of S8 make any sense

S Pen is great addition to the product portfolio as Samsung already has introduced so many new feature.These are only rumors that new phone will be launched with the Stylus S pen but there is no official confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to release with three physical buttons and three ports