Intel has always been the leading company when it comes to high end processors. AMD has been competing with Intel since the beginning. But without any upgrade in the architecture of their processors the company has always suffered when it comes to sales. Reason being Intel having much powerful CPU’s than their AMD counterpart.

The gap between Intel and AMD is going to close soon enough as the company is going to launch their new line of processors. AMD Ryzen is the company’s strategy to come back in the market again. With a new architecture and performance equal to that of Intel’s high end processors AMD is going to leave a mark on the market in the coming months.

Pictures of AMD’s new processors have surfaced the internet showing the design of the processors as well as the new cool looking RGB cooler that comes along with it. Buyers of AMD Ryzen would have a choice. They can either go for the processor only without the new RGB Wrath cooler inside, or they can buy the whole package with the cooler included. To get the cooler buyers would have to pay $20 extra. So if you are someone who would go for an aftermarket cooler AMD gives you a choice.

The RGB cooler is a good addition but not every Ryzen CPU would have one. Only the Ryzen 1800X and 1700X would have the option of either to choose or not to choose the new RGB cooler. Both the Ryzen 1800X and 1700X consume 95W of power while the RGB cooler itself consume 140W of power. Lower Ryzen models would be paired with a normal 95W cooler.

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AMD is also selling their new Ryzen CPU’s cheaper than Intel’s high end CPU’s. Even the highest processor from AMD Ryzen, the 1800X costs around $489. This is still way cheaper than Intel and if the benchmarks shown by AMD are true. Then AMD Ryzen is one great of a deal for both PC gamers and normal consumers.

What do you think about AMD’s moves against Intel? Would the company be able to get back at its competitor like it used to in the past.

AMD Ryzen Processor Box Art 265x300 Pictures of New AMD Ryzen Box and RGB Wraith Cooler Surfaced AMD Ryzen CPUs 2 300x225 Pictures of New AMD Ryzen Box and RGB Wraith Cooler Surfaced