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AMD Ryzen has been receiving some backlash from Gamers, Here’s why!

So AMD Ryzen came out only a few days ago and there’s already people bitching about this new generation Ryzen line up. I mean most people on different forums were saying that it is very good and in my opinion I think Ryzen is amazing for the money. Especially if you want to get Ryzen 1700 or 1700X. But, people have been disappointed mainly with the 1800X. But they are just a couple of people who are a bit disappointed about the bad oveclockibility of it because really you can only get it to 4 ghz. Some people said that they have gone up to the 4.2 ghz, that’s the best they have done on the new Ryzen CPU’s. Which isn’t that good because the old FX CPU could get as high as 5 ghz or even higher. So it seems that people are just getting annoyed that they can’t overcloked as high anymore.

Also the gaming performance is a bit lackluster. I mean in synthetic benchmarks the 1800X is nearly as good as the 6950X, which is nearly a thousand dollars more expensive than 1800X. So, that’s a pretty good deal right there but in gaming performance the 1800X really doesn’t stuck up. In most games it is outperformed by a 4790k, which is a bit bad because a 4790k; you can get for about to $250 to $300 while the 1800X is $500. So, that’s the main concern people are having with this.

Also with high frame rate gaming, it isn’t doing that well. I’ve heard some reasons why it has bad gaming performance is really because it just meant for synthetic and real world performance results instead of gaming results like it’s made for CineBench instead of really being focusing on gaming. And this is why the 1800X probably isn’t a good deal at the moment because you can get i7 4th generation K series for $400 dollars. And that will mostly outperform the 1800X in gaming. So, if you’re looking at doing gaming you should probabley stick to the i7 latest lineup or i7 4790k or even Sandy Bridge which is pretty good.A

But if you’re looking to get into media encoding and stuff and you don’t want to spend $1500 on the 6950x then go for the 1800X. Now as we have seen Ryzen performance for which we were really hyped, it still wasn’t a failure though.

In a new stock reporting AMD shares had dropped and they have but really shares in a company dropped just before it’s big revealed? Well that’s something that always happens. Like just before say Apple releasing their new iPhone, shares has dropped because Apple phone sucks. HAHA! Alright, I’m getting off topic here.

Well another good thing that has come out from the new Ryzen line up is that it has a 40 to 50 percent lead over AMD’s previous CPU generation which is like the 9590 which was the most powerful CPU they had in their last generation. Even though it’s still good that AMD has something that is a bit more powerful out on the market because if you wanted to build a high-end PC with an AMD CPU, before you couldn’t really do it, you have to go for the Intel if you wanted to be able to go for the high-end media encoding. However, you now have an option the 1800X and they are really good CPU’s. It’s just AMD over-hyped a bit, what I think is they shouldn’t have over-hyped it from which people got really disappointed when it came out, it wasn’t like two times better than the i7 7950X but then again it’s what happens with every new technology release.

So, in summary I think the AMD Ryzen’s are pretty good from all the benchmarks Iv’e seen so far. But, whatever don’t just take my opinion for it, go and see it yourself. What I think is Ryzen is pretty good for the money and if you want to go for the gaming get yourself a 1700 or 1700X and if you want to go for the media encoding get an 1800X. Just do what you want, don’t care about your bank account, you can buy Paris for all I care.

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