As rumoring over 3DCentre, upcoming RX Vega graphics cards are codenamed as Vega XTX, XT, and XL. The main source of the news is Videocardz so the news seems credible. The same report shows that the cards will be out in the SIGGRAPH event on July 30, 2017.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 740x416 Details for the AMD RX VEGA XTX, VEGA XT and VEGA XL variants are out!

Vega XTX and the Vega XT being the two stars of the launch will grab all the attention as both are the gaming centric chips. The Vega XL is a bit low-end as compared to these two.

Vega XTX

To dig a bit deeper, the Vega XTX comes with the following specs:

  • Gaming specialized structure
  • 375W of Thermal Board Power and 300W for the GPU itself
  • 1700-1800 MHz clock speed

Vega XT

Almost the same GPU with an air cooler. The differences are noted down below:

285W with 220W for GPU itself
A similar behavior as of XTX towards professional use

Vega XL

Being the lowest of the three upcoming variants, the Vega XL seems like a custom only chip. With only 3584 stream cores, the Vega XL is not capable of performing wonders which XTX and XT can do. The TBP and GPU power are not different for this variant but it will be “AIB-Exclusive”. This shows that the Vega XL will be manufactured directly by AIBs.

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