There are a lot of rumors regarding the new VEGA GPU. That AMD is planning to launch in the mid of 2017. We have seen numerous benchmarks from AMD’s, new VEGA GPU. Including the RX 490 and RX 580. Well they do exist as the red team has reached out and confirmed its existence. But it would neither be named RX 490 or RX 580. As according to senior vice president Raja Koduri, the company is planning to call it AMD RX Vega.

Let’s talk about what we known about the new VEGA architecture till now. Well basically the new VEGA GPU will be targeted towards the high end market. That mostly play games at 4k. This gives us an idea about the performance of the card. Which should be equal or more than the GTX 1080. At a similar or cheaper price point. As this is what we have seen AMD do till now.

If you don’t know, currently the AMD RX 480 is the only high end card, that the red team is providing. Where the performance of the card matches on-par with the GTX 1060 from Nvidia and even surpasses it in DX12 titles.

Now that we know about the name tag of AMD’s upcoming GPU, what about its specs. Well according to some rumors VEGA GPU will be running on AMD’s new HBM2 memory. Aside from that it will also have 4096 stream processors and around 12.6 Teraflops of computing power. Though the card is said to have 8GB of VRAM.

AMD Responds To The Rising Pricing Issue Of The Current VEGA Lineup
56420 04 amd radeon rx 580 benchmarks leaked vega The upcoming GPU From AMD To Be Named RX VEGA
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With the launch of AMD Ryzen the red team have made its rival Intel, lower their prices quiet a bit. Maybe the red team will be able to do the same with Nvidia as well. As there is no direct competitor to the high end Pascal GPU from AMD’s side till yet.

How do you feel about AMD VEGA? Are you waiting to get your hands on one as well.