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AMD: RX Vega is going to be released this Q2 – Confirmed by AMD official Facebook page


In AMD RX Vega news recently on AMD official Facebook page a fan asked about the Vega and an official reply from AMD responded by saying that Vega will be released this quarter meaning second quarter of 2017.

This is by far the most concrete information we’ve had about Vega on release information. Also in Vega news there was some 3Dmark times by benchmark that people found that Vega was behind the GTX 1080 in 1080p performance.

From various leaks we pretty much know that isn’t just one GPU but a line of high-end GPU with the top of the line here using HBM2. Also some reports says that the GPU that’s in this 3Dmark times by database is Vega that’s meant to be a competitor to the GTX 1080.

Even if AMD do not win it should be a tie at least, we PC users really could use a price war right now. It is still unknown why AMD is holding back on Vega information, as they should just release the GPU already.

It’s just doesn’t make sense, NVIDIA has basically shown all their cards with the Pascal architecture including the new Titan XP. AMD should release their Vega cards because there’s a lot of fans waiting for Vega card as they are loosing hope.


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