Cryptocurrency mining fever is on and everyone seems to be making a way for his mining adventure. The equipment required for mining is sometimes even more than what you’d earn from it but why do you need to buy the equipment if you can hijack others’ equipment? This hijacking process in the world of cryptocurrency is dubbed as ‘Cryptojacking’ and a Russian nuclear scientist was recently found on the same boat.

maxresdefault Russian nuclear scientists caught red handed in the government facility while mining Cryptocurrency


The Russian Crypto-Tale!

Just like what’s happening in other parts of the world, Russian nuclear scientists tried to misuse the equipment allocated to them by the government. The state provided supercomputers were reportedly used by the scientists to mine cryptocurrency in Sarov, Russia.

Soon after the scientists were caught mining the cryptocurrency, they were arrested from the Sarov city, which is a top-secret and heavily guarded facility of Russia. The city is dedicated to all of the country’s nuclear operations and the government makes sure that the equipment provided to the employees has the best ever specifications(which was all needed for mining). BBC confirms the incident:

There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining.

The case was open and shut one as the scientist made a goofy mistake. They tried to connect the supercomputer to the internet and the authorities were alerted as soon as the connection was established.

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