As far back as Google uncovered Google Assistant a year ago with the dispatch of Pixel smartphones. We as a whole have been thinking about whether and when it will come to other Android devices.

google assistant android pixel Running On Marshmallow or Higher, Google Assistant Coming To All Android Phones

The hold up is longer than expected as Google has made it official. Assistant will go to all Android smartphones running Marshmallow or higher. Google has said that it will first begin taking off Assistant in the English dialect in the United States this week.

This rollout will be trailed by development to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom in English alongside Germany in German. In any case, you should ensure that your particular Android device is running on in any event Marshmallow v6.0 to get the as good as ever AI.

assistantphones width 1000 980x420 Running On Marshmallow or Higher, Google Assistant Coming To All Android Phones

The recently propelled LG G6 lead has as of now turn into the world’s first non-Pixel cell phone. Which accompany Google Assistant out of the container. While the theories of Google chipping away at extending Assistant to other Android. Smartphones were continuing for a significant long time, it turned out to be very clear with a current alpha refresh to Google application which empowered Assistant on a couple cell phones. In the official blog entry, Google Assistant’s Product Lead, Gummi Hafsteinsson stated,

“We will probably make the Assistant accessible anyplace you require it. It came to Android Wear 2.0, by means of new smartwatches. Only half a month back and, as we reviewed in January, the Assistant is likewise coming to TVs and autos. With this refresh, a huge number of Android clients will now have the capacity to experiment with the Google Assistant.”
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