Nvidia is active enough to counter every move from AMD and when it comes to graphics cards, AMD’s Vega has taken over the scene for the past 4-5 months. Despite Nvidia’s release of GTX 1080 Ti, AMD grabbed a fair amount of gamers and miners attention so Nvidia has come up with a great idea of revamping the GTX 1070 and making a Ti version for it.

%name Nvidia planning for a GTX 1070 Ti   AMD will be shocked by the decision

GTX 1070 Ti

The most recent product of the rumors mill is GTX 1070 Ti, the latest high-end offering by Nvidia. If the news is confirmed, Nvidia might get an upper hand with its release as AMD’s RTG head, Raja Kouri is already on a leave. The time has been chosen pretty wisely by Nvidia, I must say! The Ti variant of GTX 1070 can actually rock the scene pretty much as this series has been a great success in the past and developing the present technologies is a better idea than to rush for a newer one. The rumors mill also suggests that the GTX 1070 Ti will come out with 2304 CUDA cores. Check out this review for GTX 1070!

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