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Rumors are Nvidia plans to release GTX 2000 series Volta based GPU’s in Q3 of this year


Everyone know it’s just a rumor at this point considering only one side is really reporting on it so, don’t get too excited. According to the Chinese publication Nvidia plans on releasing Volta, their newest GPU architecture as early as Q3 of this year. This would honestly be pretty unprecedent considering Nvidia themselves already announced the launch date to 2018.

According to, the reason boils down to lower than expected sales and of course AMD. Rumors are pointing to more of a small incremental upgrade to 1000 series but with HMB2. The micron should begin sampling them toward the end of the year next according to techpowerup.

It’s actually pretty funny considering Intel also rumored to be moving up the production date of it’s X299 chip in response to AMD rumor but more than likely true X399 12 and 16 core HBM Ryzen processors.

The newest Nvidia series would be the 2000 series so, apparently jump in a 100 for the GTX line just isn’t good enough anymore.

So, what do you think about this? Could it curtail your desire to buy Vega or are you wanting Vega for what will certainly be the earlier release. Though with nothing but whispers at this point anymore, we don’t know. Then again AMD is pretty busy working on everything else. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.


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