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Rumor: Potential Xbox One Price, Name, Games and a 4k version of ReCore

Potential Xbox One

As E3 is approaching we are getting more and more rumors and leaks about Xbox Project Scorpio and one of such leaks is a courtesy of Rectifygaming. Where you can read the article yourself and the leak is about the potential Xbox One and price as well and some 4k titles as well.

So, first of all the source that rectify Rectifygaming got the information from is pretty much the same source that they apparently got the information about the specs reveal back in April. So, right now the very same source is actually claiming that Xbox Scorpio which is actually a Project Scorpio right now so, it’s a code name is going to be called Xbox One X. So, that would actually fit into the Xbox as kind of format.

Apparently Xbox One X is going to be priced at $449, which is a pretty sweet deal for a very beefed-up specs plus 4k gaming and hopefully better performance, all kinds of graphical enhancements for the current Xbox One games and stuff and obviously enhanced future games as well for $449 doesn’t sound too much.

The name and the price of this machine is just a leak/rumor and not an official information from Microsoft yet. Rectifygaming also talk about the 4k games, they talk about the fact that the two or three games (Forza Motorsport / Horizon & Gears of War 4) that are supporting 4k resolutions. On top of that they are also working on a 4k version of ReCore.

ReCore is a very good game, it has it’s own technical issues which was fixed and now there’s going to be a proper 4k version for Scorpio as well where they are working on improving the performance and completely resolving all the technical glitches. Also the game will support 4k and apparently the size of the game for Scorpio is going to grow from 5.6GB to 12GB, because that’s how the 4k textures actually influence the size of the files of the game because 4k textures are pretty huge in terms of size.

On top of that there’s been also some rumors that in a Red Dead Redemption 2FIFA 18and Battlefront 2 are going to be native 4k resolution as well. And there’s also been some rumors talking about the fact that apparently a new Need for Speed game is going to be a native 4k game for Scorpio. And also there’s been another rumor from the very same person saying that the most likely name for the new upcoming Xbox is going to be Xbox One S but also they have been considering some other names as well and non of such names was Xbox One Pro.


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